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Are you looking to discover space for household goods storage in Malaysia? Well, everybody has those huge household goods items that are just utilized discontinuously at specific circumstances of the years. You just left with the choices of choosing your constrained at-home carport, storeroom or shed space for storage or finding a spotless and secure warehouse office to keep them in when they aren’t being used.

Give Continental Movers and storage a chance to store your furniture, larger than usual kids’ plastic toys or compact b-ball stand. In a significant number of the country’s quick moving real estate markets, homes are selling before homeowners are prepared to move. In the event that you wind up in this circumstance, Continental Movers and storage has safe, atmosphere controlled household goods storage space for you, here and now or long haul.

We provide an Exclusive Supply Chain

We handle finish end-to-end logistics activities for our customers from transporting the Goods from Source to our Warehouse, In warding the products, high-quality test, garage, Dispatch, Reporting and end consumer delivery Transportation.

What Sort of Features Does Their Warehouse or Storage Consist

Warehouses following and keeping worldwide standards

  1. Appealing Warehouse architecture
  2. Warehouse Engineering & space planning with specification followed by international standards
  3. Temperature manipulate through revolutionary generation, as a consequence of improving the capability of the Manpower
  4. Warehousing & business use
  5. adequate parking space
  6. coverage assessment- low-risk category
  7. Enough space for long vehicle maneuverability
  8. Zero maintenance/Nut & Bolt unfastened leak evidence systems

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